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Sacred Tree Visions


Listed below are a few of my favorite artists, practitioners, spas, massage therapists, healers, organizations, etc., that I recommend.  Most are local to the Asheville area, so if you are visiting, be sure to check them out and tell them I sent you !


Sky Schulz: Artist

Sky Schulz is a visual artist specializing in watercolor and oil paints. Her inspiration is born of the subtle interactions between her environment and the living beings within it. An avid seeker of beauty and active outdoor woman, she has spent many years traveling, living in nature, and exploring the depths of her own mind.                             

Crystalign Chiropractic

Follow The Art Strings:
Photography, Art and Renovations
Katie Kelleher

One Love Chiropractic
Care for all Ages at Asheville‘s Certified Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor.

"Because of our focus is on healthy families and children, we must address the issues affecting them. Through certified pediatric care and prenatal chiropractic care, we help to remove interference from your central nervous system, rid your spine of subluxations, and then promote health and healing by teaching patients how to fuel their nervous systems with what it needs."

Hot Rocks Jewelry
Artist: Christin Castagne, Raleigh, NC, United States
Etsy Shop

Asheville’s Salt Cave & Spa

Asheville’s Salt Cave & Spa – A Unique Oasis  

Come experience a special place for rest and healing at Asheville’s only, authentic Salt Cave, located in downtown Asheville, just  minutes from the Biltmore Estate in Downtown Asheville.

Asheville’s Only Salt Cave That Is Sustainable and Growing! Asheville’s Salt Cave & Salt Spa, located in Downtown Asheville (near the Fine Arts Theater), is a special place for therapeutic rest and healing. The Cave has an enriched micro-climate which allows the body and mind to gain relaxation, rehabilitation and balance. All five senses are engaged in the healing power of nature.

Lynn Spurling Massage Therapy

Massage, Reiki and Yoga Therapy for Your Total Wellness & Relaxation

"...through a program of bodywork, yoga, Reiki and pranayama... By reestablishing the alignment of body, mind, and spiritual awareness, you will connect deeply with yourself on many levels and leave with a feeling of bliss after your session."

Casey Arden Art
originals // prints // commissions // live painting

Information about the Asheville area
Find Me is an organization of talented psychics, law enforcement officers and professional search and rescue volunteers from all over the world working with law enforcement and families to find missing loved ones and solve homicides.

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