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Listed below are a few of my favorite artists, practitioners, spas, massage therapists, healers, etc., that I recommend. Most are local to the Asheville area, so if you are visiting, be sure to check them out and tell them I sent you!

Lighten Your Space

Jennifer Pearson

Spiritual Coaching and Intuitive Energy Work

"I created Lighten Your Space as a service for anyone looking to brighten their personal light and invite positivity into their space. I specialize in serving those who want to integrate the “woo-woo” with “normal life.” Through spiritual coaching, intuitive energy work, and shamanic practices, I am committed to serving you as you lighten your heart and uplift your soul! I am an ordained Shamanic Minister, certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Spiritual Coach and Healer, and Reiki Master teacher/practitioner. I have worked since 2015 with people, animals, and places to relieve stress, restore harmony, and promote healing."

Heather Perry is a state-certified Esthetician, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Community Herbalist, and Reiki Master Teacher. Heather specializes in stress management through the release of muscular tension, teaching and support with plant medicine, and rebalancing energetic flow throughout the body. She explains that “we are human, we feel things, we hurt and we feel joy. Being able to rebalance and understand our own bodies is not only empowering but essential to our long-term physical and mental health.”She believes personal growth and healing is a journey and her purpose is to help people feel more comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.



After many years of professional tattooing, she has realized that there is a need for what can only be described as Tattoo Therapy. Human beings seek out the experience of being tattooed for many reasons, oftentimes including healing or growth. Emily holds space for her clients to heal, grow, and have their own experiences during the process while making them as comfortable as possible.

Emily is also a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Integrative Health Coach. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition focuses on the relation between one’s health and one’s relationship with spirituality, career, physical activity & relationships.

Follow The Art Strings

Photography, Art, and Renovations


Katie Kelleher

Select pieces from this collection are currently being featured and are for sale in Deborah's office in downtown Asheville.

Asheville’s Salt Cave & Spa – A Unique Oasis

Asheville’s Only Salt Cave That Is Sustainable and Growing! Located in Downtown Asheville, a special place for therapeutic rest and healing. The Cave has an enriched micro-climate which allows the body and mind to gain relaxation, rehabilitation, and balance. All five senses are engaged in the healing power of nature.

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