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About Deborah

" Oh God, make me a hollow reed, which the pith of self has been blown,

so I may become a clear channel, through which Thy love may flow to others."

Deborah has been a professional Intuitive Medium & Reiki Practitioner since 2012. Her earliest memory of seeing spirit was around the age of two. She is a generational psychic, medium, and healer and enjoys watching and guiding some of the youngest members of her family as they come to discover and understand their own abilities.

Deborah lives in the beautiful and magical mountains of Asheville, NC where she completed an Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science in Sociology, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After college Deborah worked in the mental health field with children and families prior to working full time as an Intuitive Medium.

She uses her experience and abilities as an intuitive, medium, and reiki practitioner as well as her education and experience as a former mental health professional to provide the best holistic experience possible for her clients.

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