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Client Testimonials

"Deborah is a very gifted energy healer and medium. My combination detoxifying healing session and reading was wonderful! I left feeling a great weight had been lifted and feeling a sense of clarity I had not enjoyed for several months. Deborah - you are an amazing Lightworker - thank you!"

~ Deborah S., Asheville, NC

"The first time I sat in front of Deborah, I instantly felt comfortable, her vibrations felt so soothing and safe to me. I knew that with her if I allowed myself to let go and truly seek the answers to the questions I had been carrying with me for over a decade, this would finally be the chance for those answers. As soon as we got started I could feel the energy flowing unlike anything I had ever felt before. It resulted in an experience of a life time. If you are someone seeking or struggling to understand what you are feeling or experiencing don't be afraid to open up to the possibilities. With someone like Deborah you can relax, open up and explore your spirituality in a safe comfortable environment. If you allow her to share her gift with you, I have no doubts you will be just as amazed, surprised and thankful as I am. Thank you Deborah for believing in the fight to heal the human condition and making yourself available to those of us in need."

- Christine K., NC

"Deborah - love love love her! Clear, direct, able to accurately describe circumstances and personality traits to fine detail. Very confident reader.  Extremely accurate on relationship issues."

- Sarah H., Dubai, UAE

"Hi Deborah Hendrickson. You are such a powerful source of positive energy! Since my reading, I have not felt so free! It's like all the negativity just melted away. I have been able to handle some situations that would normally send me to bed or the couch for a couple of days. Thank you! Can't wait to get together again and explore some more." 

- Helen W., NC

"What a delightful reading. After much soul searching, surrounding a personal issue, I was drawn to Deborah's website which prompted me to schedule a session. I was immediately soothed by her energy, her voice and her insights. She was able to confirm some things for me and expand on others with her obviously powerful connection to Source energy. She was able to provide further insight and guidance around the situation. Deborah is truly talented and gave me exactly what I was seeking. I am truly grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling."

- Kim R., NC

"Thank you for the honesty in your reading for me when you did not receive anything for certain information inquired upon. It made the information you received more powerful and meaningful. Thank you for the clarity and gentle delivery in your wisdom." 

"You are amazing. Just saying :) "

- Teresa W., NC

"Thanks a lot Deborah for your fantastic insightful reading and guidance, I will come back for more!"

- Kiumars K., OH

"The world needs more Deborah Hendrickson's in it. She heals, inspires and recharges your soul... Love this woman."

- Christine K., NC

"I have close friends that are Psychic Mediums but I wanted to sit w/someone who didn't know me; so when I came across Sacred Tree Visions I felt a pull to connect with her and I am thrilled that I did! Deborah shared information with me that I needed to hear, some of it was confirmation of what I felt and what my friends had shared but also told me something I was surprised about, yet touched by it! 

I enjoyed my phone reading w/Deborah and whether your new to readings or not Deborah was right on target!! Thank you again!!"

- Annemarie F., MA

“Deborah Hendrickson was able to reconnect me with some of my love ones that were taken away from me too early in life. She connected with me right in the beginning when she told me to think of things that I needed help with in my life. I was a little taken away when she went right to the specific answer I was looking for. I was very impressed that she was able to make me feel comfortable even when we were Skyping.”

- Jenny O., PA

"Thank you for reading for me yesterday.  I felt like you zoned in on a lot of things I asked you about. You have a very calm and gentle voice and that makes a wonderful difference in receiving readings.  I gained a lot of insight from our reading yesterday."

- Candice T., NC

"Deborah was so insightful & a beautiful spirit!"

- Karen M., NC

"Deborah is awesome. Exceeded all my expectations."

- Scott T., NC
"My experience was beautiful and helpful. I felt a calmness after my session with Deborah."

- Sharon O., MA

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